Signs of domestic violence can be hidden. Abusers do not only control their victims using physical violence. They often use emotional abuse that is not visible to anyone but the abuser and the victim.

Abuse also is usually not aparent at the beginning stages of a relationship. It can take time for a relationship to become abusive. Abuse can start as a few backhanded comments and then turn into intense physical and/or emotional abuse.

Here are 5 signs of abuse for you to look out for in a relationship:

  1. You are feeling bullied, pressured, or controlled.
    • If a partner is making you feel like your life has less significance than his, it could be a sign of abusive behavior. If you become afraid of your significant other, that’s a big red flag. You might become scared to say no to sex or to bring up certain topics. In a healthy relationship, there should be no fear of your significant other.
    • If you are feeling like you are being abused, it is a bad sign and your relationship is most likely not healthy.
  2. You do not feel respected by your signficant other.
    • Respect is one thing that can easily change during different stages of a realtionship.
    • If you do not feel respected by your significant other at any point in your relationship, this  is a red flag.
  3. You feel your partner is taking things fast.
    • If you don’t like how quickly things are progressing with your partner, be it physically or emotionally, say something. If he or she is not willing to respect your opinions and slow things down, then the relationship is not healthy.
  4. Your partner blames everything on you.
    • If your partner makes it seem like everything is your fault and tells you that you are the problem in your relationship, let him/her go.
  5. Your partner cuts you off from your family and friends.
    • This is a huge sign that abuse is taking place and that your partner is taking advantage of you. If he or she really loved you, he would want you to be happy. If that means spending time with family or friends and he or she says that you cannot do that, chances are high that abuse is taking place.

If you think you or someone you know is being abused, the most important thing to do is say something.

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